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Silver Mirror secret to getting rid of blackheads

Standing just centimeters away from the mirror? Getting ready to squeeze? STOP! Step away from the mirror and drop the extraction tool!

Our skin specialists can help you stop the squeezing, the pinching, the harsh scrubbing, and end the frustration. Knowing the secrets of the skincare world can truly, once and for all, help you achieve lasting results and clearer skin. We are here to tell the truth about blackheads, debunk blackhead myths, and discuss professional blackhead extraction.

Blackheads, what are they, and how do they form? To understand how to combat blackheads, you must first understand their origin. Small openings called hair follicles or pores cover our skin. Pores allow the sebaceous glands in our skin to secret sebum, also identified as oil. Sebum helps to keep skin moisturized, keeping the tissue healthy. Every 28-30 days, skin cells turn over, creating new and healthy tissue, and leaving a layer of dead skin cells on top, trapping sebum in your pores. Sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells collect and clog your pores. When this is exposed to oxygen, it goes through oxidation, leaving blackheads.

Why do none of the pore strips, peel off masks, or scrubs ever seem to get rid of blackheads? One simple answer: because they can’t. These products can only reach and work on the outermost layer of our skin. Since blackheads clog the inside of pores, and the only way to get them out is with extractions!

The best blackhead extraction is a mild manipulation done to the skin (either manually or mechanically) to help remove any congestion. Deep blackhead extractions can be done with an extraction facial for blackheads. Silver Mirror Facial Bar’s Acne-Fighting Facial focuses on blackhead extractions to cleanse the skin, and provide a deep exfoliation treatment to help remove dead skin cells and soften the tissue to prepare the skin for seamless extractions. Once extractions are performed, you are left with clean and clear pores, improving the skin’s overall clarity, and appearance of your pores.

In order to truly get your blackheads under control, you need to continuously act on being preventive and corrective when it comes to your skincare. Prevent the buildup that causes the blackheads, and correct the already formed clogged pores through receiving regular monthly extractions.

To find the most attentive and results-oriented extraction facials, head to the facial bar near you: Silver Mirror Facial Bar, and receive our pore-refining facial for acne prone skin. Equipped with the latest skincare technology and high-performance ingredients, we will leave you with a clear skin glow. In this facial, an enzyme mask is used, which seeps into your pores, dissolves dead skin and sebum, helping to clear out congestion and aid in the detailed extraction process. Enzymes have the ability to attack your blackheads at the source, inside your pores, unlike over-the-counter products. To help maintain results after an extraction facial, use an enzyme mask at home once to twice a week. Sanitas Skincare Papaya Pineapple Mask is the perfect at-home enzyme mask for congested skin, containing a naturally occurring ingredient called bromelain. This eats away at dead skin cells and high amounts of Vitamin C derived from pineapple enzymes help reveal brighter skin.

In your facial, blackheads are the main focus around your nose and cheeks.  Blackhead extraction and removal is a crucial step.  Blackhead nose extraction can be painful, but we use steam and hot towels to ease the discomfort and help comedones open quickly.  Comedonal acne is skin-colored, small bumps that need to be professionally treated with a comedonal facial, similar to the Acne-Fighting Facial.  For blackhead extraction facials or blackhead removal near you, please look for a Silver Mirror location and ask for facials for blackheads, comedones, large extractions, and deep extractions.

There is a solution to blackheads: commitment and consistency.

Skin will continue to produce sebum, and skin cells will turn over and continue to cycle. There is no one-time magic cream or fix to blackheads. We are here to tell you there is hope and clear skin days ahead. With consistent, at-home exfoliation, and monthly extraction facials, your skin will finally be able to be blackhead free.

You are not alone in the fight against blackheads. If you are looking for facials in New York, Silver Mirror, always educates and gives you the support you deserve. Find the answer to your skincare wishes and top-rated skincare products at  Leave the extractions to a professional, and we’ll leave the clear skin with you.

By Matt Maroone