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12.14.2023 Sensitive Skin Solutions: Facials for Delicate Complexions

Rachael Gallo
By Rachael Gallo

Rachael leads Operations at Silver Mirror Facial Bar while driving the growth and expansion of locations in New York City, Washington D.C, and Miami. Her skin care expertise stems from prior roles as a licensed esthetician and manager at Disney Spas and a medical day spa group, along with National Spa Director at Exhale Spa.

For those with sensitive skin, trying to find products that don’t irritate your skin and are gentle poses a serious challenge, however it’s such an important step. This skin type demands special attention and care to keep it healthy and not cause any issues. While establishing a consistent skincare routine tailored to your skin is crucial, getting monthly facials is one of the most effective ways to keep sensitive skin calm and healthy. 

At Silver Mirror, guests will find a facial specifically curated for sensitive skin; beyond that, people will receive a unique experience tailored just for their skin. In this blog, we will dive into all the benefits of facials for people dealing with sensitive skin while also providing products and ingredients most commonly used to help protect those with this skin type.

Understanding Sensitive Skin

Before we dive into the details of what can help sensitive skin, let’s first take a moment to understand the basics and the nature of this skin type. A heightened reaction to certain products, environmental factors, and foods characterizes sensitive skin. Some common issues people with sensitive skin face are redness, itchiness, burning, and they can often develop dry patches or breakouts. 

Managing sensitive skin demands more attention and requires a more thoughtful and gentle approach. Since the skin is so prone to being affected by various factors, it’s important to pay attention to the ingredients and products that cause issues, and what your skin benefits from and reacts well to.

Benefits of Facials for Sensitive Skin

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, here are some key benefits of facials for sensitive skin. 

Reduction of Redness:

Our Sensitive Skin Facial is designed for all the concerns that people with this skin type face, redness being one of the most common issues. Using LED and Hyaluronic gel with Ultrasound reduces the redness and evens out your skin tone in the long term. 


Another extremely common issue is dehydrated skin. Our Sensitive Skin Facial utilizes multiple tools to hydrate the skin, ensuring hydration is locked into the skin. First, we use O2 Therapy – a machine that dispenses oxygen solution directly into the skin to increase hydration and create an extremely smooth complexion. Secondly, we use our custom jelly mask – this thick mask sits on your face for approximately 5 minutes to completely hydrate your skin and provide the nourishment your skin is lacking. 

Gentle Exfoliation

Our Sensitive Skin Facial only includes a single exfoliation to ensure that the skin isn’t stripped of the natural oils and to avoid irritation. Exfoliation is crucial to remove dead skin and dirt, which leaves a healthy, smooth complexion. 

Customized Approach

Our professional estheticians understand that no two people’s skin is the same. Therefore, they take a comprehensive evaluation of each person’s skin and tailor the facial to provide the best methods and products to get the best results. 

Sensitive Skin Facial

Gentle Products (or Ingredients) for Sensitive Skin

Here at Silver Mirror, we provide products with ingredients that are very helpful in reducing many of the common issues that people with sensitive skin face.

Aloe Vera

A mineral-rich plant extract that reduces skin reactivity, reinforces the moisture barrier and stimulates natural moisture factor production. The Sanitas Sensitive Skin Cleanser uses Aloe Vera as an ingredient to help soothe the skin and protect it from irritation. 


This ingredient helps refine pores, controls visible oiliness, reduces redness and post-acne marks, and prevents future breakouts. This product is great for helping improve many concerns, and one of them is redness. The Dr. Dennis Gross SuperFood Stress Repair Face Cream, which includes niacinamide, is a great product for sensitive skin.

Centella Asiatica

This is a powerful antioxidant with nourishing properties that help diminish the appearance of premature aging. It also works to soothe the skin of any redness and protect it from irritation in the future. The iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum helps to reduce redness and dry patches with the help of Centella Asiatica.

Techniques for Sensitive Skin Treatment

Light Touch

When estheticians work with people who have sensitive skin, they pay careful attention to how much pressure they are applying to the skin and ensure not to do anything to irritate it. Estheticians practice a lighter touch and often avoid certain techniques altogether if they think it will negatively affect the skin. 

Cooling Treatments 

Since each facial is tailored to the person’s skin throughout our facial treatments, estheticians will often choose cooling treatments to soothe the skin. For example, they usually use the cool setting rather than the heat setting on the Theraface Pro.

Single Exfoliation

In most of our other treatments, a double exfoliation is used. However, this often leads to irritation and dryness if performed on people with sensitive skin. For this reason, we only use a single exfoliation for our sensitive skin facial.

The Best Facials For Sensitive Skin are at Silver Mirror

If you need professional help and guidance for your sensitive skin, Silver Mirror has the best facials and products to benefit your complexion. We are dedicated to high-quality and effective skincare and focus on creating customized treatments to ensure the best results. 

Booking a facial with us is easy with the options of 30- and 50-minute facials that allow you to fit it into any part of your day. Book an appointment today and get guidance on how to best handle your sensitive skin.

By Rachael Gallo