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By Oby Nwaogbe

Congratulations Moms-to-Be on your new journey of becoming a mother! If you’re searching for facial during pregnant, we’ve got you covered.  A new skincare routine and a facial while pregnant can be an enjoyable experience to break up the daily stresses on your body and soul.  A facial during pregnancy is safe if performed in the right hands, such as my teammates at Silver Mirror.


Here are a few skincare tips of what to use and to avoid on your skin while pregnant and while nursing.

1) SUNSCREEN: The beach and sun are calling your name even when you are pregnant.  But be sure to use sunscreen every step fo the way. Mineral-based sunscreens, also known as, physical sunscreens are perfectly safe for pregnant women. The difference between the chemical sunscreen or physical sunscreen is that the latter contains 100 percent mineral actives, such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Plus, physical sunscreens reflect UV rays, as opposed to, absorbing them like chemical sunscreens are known to do. The Supergoop brand has a great mineral SPF moisturizer.

2) ACNE PRODUCTS: Many women experience acne and breakouts during their first trimester of pregnancy due to hormones. It is important to avoid all acne-focused products because of the chemicals. If you must use a face wash, use one that has only 2% salicylic acid. The Sanitas brand is paraben-free, specially the Beta Clarifying cleanser, which is soap free, and gently strips the skin of the excess sebum.

3) SOY PRODUCTS: Soy is known to even-out skin tone, but not Melasma (mask of pregnancy) due to elevated hormones. Unfortunately, Soy makes the dark patches a lot darker. So, lay off on the Soy moisturizers until after you go to bed. Stick to using your SPF, and keeping your skin hydrated with a serum. The Revision brand has a great hydrating serum, high in hyaluronic acid. When your skin is hydrated, it is less likely to breakout or become uneven.

4) HAIR REMOVERS (depilatories): Hopefully you’ve been avoiding hair removal lotions before now. It is definitely a no-no during pregnancy. However, here at Silver Mirror we offer dermaplaning!  Dermaplaning during pregnancy is a perfect alternative to other hair removal solutions. Any of our highly-skilled estheticians will use a scalpul to work away at the dead skin cells and peach fuzz on the skin. After dermaplaning, your skin will look great with or without makeup, and skincare products will work a whole lot better. Dermaplaning is one of the best treatments at Silver Mirror for moms-to-be.

5) MAKE UP: Avoid cosmetics that contain retinol or salicylic acid (found in some makeup for acne-prone skin). Many makeup products are marked “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic” – meaning they are oil-free and less likely to clog pores; these are safe and will not affect the health of your baby.

6) RETINOIDS: Rentinol, also known as, Vitamin A, is used for anti-aging and preventing/reducing wrinkles. Pregnant women should avoid this product because a high dose of Vitamin A can be harmful to the unborn child.

7) SALICYLIC ACID: This is usually found in acne-focused cleansers, toners and other acne-fighting products to exfoliate dead skin cells. High uses of Salicylic acid in its oral form (oral salicylic has been related to aspirin) have been shown to cause birth defects. But the topical use of only 2% once or twice a week is considered safe.  Regardless, please be careful with Salicyclic acid at any dose while pregnant.

8) ALL TRIMESTERS: A facial during pregnancy of the first trimester is just as safe as a facial during pregnancy during the third trimester if it’s performed by professionals who know what they are doing.  At Silver Mirror, we have carefully worked with the top industry professionals and skincare lines to deliver a safe, enjoyable experience for facials and pregnancy.  A pregnant facial, as some call it, should only be provided by a reputable facial establishment.

As with all of the tips above, consult with your esthetician to be sure these skincare tips fit your skin and body. And, of course, don’t forget to take advantage of our 30 minute Mom-To-Be facial at Silver Mirror to help deal with any skin-related pregnancy issues.

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August 19, 2020