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By Simedar Jackson

The well-known case of “pregnancy glow” is a phenomenon most expecting mothers are eagerly looking forward to. Understandably so – who isn’t looking to achieve that lit-from-within look? If only it were that easy!

“Some women will experience a healthy color to the face during pregnancy from a boost in blood flow”, explains Lisa Mazullo, Clinical OBGYN at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Co-Author of Before Your Pregnancy. However, increased hormone production and immune system shifts may lead to oily skin, pregnancy acne and dryness. Two words: Major bummer.

Luckily, the frantic Google search for “pregnancy facial near me” is being answered by Silver Mirror and its pregnancy safe facial. While experts encourage caution with ingredients when there’s a baby on board, a well-curated prenatal facial like Silver Mirror’s Mom-To-Be treatment is a safe, highly effective skincare solution through every trimester, as well as, after your pregnancy. Silver Mirror Facial Bar’s Mom-To-Be can be used as a facial while pregnancy (or a facial during pregnancy) to address a variety of concerns including pregnancy acne on face or postpartum dry skin face. So let’s rejoice: facials and pregnancy can coexist! Silver Mirror has you covered for a pregnancy safe facial that can address oily face pregnancy and other concerns.

“We knew what we couldn’t use in a facial on a pregnant client,” says Cindy Kim, Co-Founder of Silver Mirror Facial Bar. “So we took all of that out and focused on how we could still give a safe and thorough exfoliation for a beautiful result.” The unique treatment forgoes electrical devices and penetrative acids while still giving ultimate hydration and balancing the skin – sure-fire ways to beat back new acne crops and achieve the coveted glow you’ve been waiting for! In line with Silver Mirror’s signature treatments, there is a double exfoliation that uses pregnancy-safe enzymes that gently lift away dead skin cells and prep the face for an infusion of antioxidants, vitamins, and oxygen. LED light therapy then promotes rejuvenation and blood flow while safely killing acne-causing bacteria. The facial finishes off with a moisturizer and a physical sunscreen. This prenatal facial (or postpartum facial) leaves the skin visibly plumper and kickstarts the healing process of any blemishes and damage.

Once you’re officially a new mom (congratulations by the way), this treatment will continue to be your postpartum skin savior. Turn to this postpartum facial directly following delivery and while nursing. Dr. Mazzullo notes that skin changes resulting from pregnancy may persist for up to 6 weeks after birth. Instead of hoping for it, now you can guarantee yourself the pregnancy glow.

September 11, 2019