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COSRX | Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol



The COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol is an purpose toner that exfoliates, hydrates and preps your skin for your daily skincare regimen.

It contains 60% Black Bee Propolis, which is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredient that fights acne-causing bacteria. It also has powerful healing properties and antioxidants, which works to regenerate the skin and make it texturally smoother and softer. This toner also contains natural AHAs and BHAs, which further help to control oil production, clear out impurities, and exfoliate the skin while retaining hydration and moisture.

An ideal toner for those with acne or breakout-prone skin, as well as oily, combination and sensitive skin types.

Additional information


Combination, Oily, Sensitive


Acne/Blemishes, Anti-aging, Blackheads, Dullness/uneven Texture, Oiliness, Pores


100 ml

How to use

After cleansing apply toner to breakout prone areas. Use once a day either in the morning or evening. We recommend the evening. Follow with the rest of your skincare regimen.


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